Products /Achievements in the medical industry

At Dainichi, our processing technology is widely used in medical equipment especially in shaping microscopic parts.

  • Tips for catheters inserted into blood vessels veins.

  • Tip components for endoscopes used in laparoscopy

  • Cannulae used for cataract treatment

We deal mainly in minute surgical instruments indispensable for minimally invasive treatment.
We also work with long and thin surgical instruments carrying narrow holes such as:

Tips for ultrasonic scalpels used in neurosergical prodcedures

Tips designed for dentistry

Instruments for orthopedic surgery

The essence of our vital work consists of applying the best knowledge and expertise to meet our clients' demands for quality and price through the mass-production of burr-free items that maintain tolerance at the micron level and that processors can immediately evaluate upon removal from the machinery.

Helping Support Efforts to Save Lives Around the World
Through our technology, we at Dainichi assist clients in their work to save lives so that we can bring smiles to the faces of patients around the world.