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Dainichi's Precision Microfabrication

We, at Dainichi, can drill holes as small as φ 0.01 mm. As products become smaller, so do the holes used on them. The average hair is estimated to be between φ 0.08 mm and φ 0.12 mm thick, so you can understand how remarkable it is to create a hole this size.

There may not be overwhelming demand for such holes, but there are cases where we are asked to intentionally insert microscopic holes or grooves into a product to inspect how the strength and performance of a consumer good on the market is affected by minute cracks and scratches.

We also commonly drill holes of φ 0.05 mm or φ 0.10 mm in diameter as well as process microscopic holes for nozzles and other items. We have introduced ultra-precision machining centers and are skilled at drilling ultramicroscopic holes that control for tolerance at the submicron level.

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Dainichi's Precision Microfabrication

Our Processing Technology

Drilling Holes φ 0.01 mm in Diameter

If you have a precision machine and drill and enter in the machining conditions found in the catalogue, is it possible to drill a hole that is φ 0.01 mm in size? The answer is no. It takes a lot of preparation to machine a microscopic hole. This includes preparing the surfaces of the clamp and the material to be processed as well as heating up the processing machine's main axes and efficiently applying cutting oil to the machining points. Of course, there have been many failures along the way.

But we have faced each failure head on and, asking ourselves, why a drill broke or a hole was misshapen, have applied this experience towards our future endeavors.

We work each day to carry out processing under the best conditions so that the small holes drilled by Dainichi deliver a great future to our clients.

Two Types of Machining

Dainichi not only uses its gun drilling equipment f microscopic holes f φ 0.01 mm, precise deep drills made by gun drilling machine but also carries out cylindrical honing to polish the inner surface of the holes.

All of them are specialty drills and all of them have advantages and weak points. We provide the best drills to meet our clients' requirements. We keep on finding the best hole processing techniques for every request with never-ending devotion.

At Dainichi, we undertake cylindrical honing for polishing the inner surface of holes. Polishing a hole that has been drilled using a gun-drill or EDM dramatically increases its cylindricity.

This process makes the hole perfectly round, maintaining an equal size from one end to the other and limiting its bend to the absolute minimum. It also polishes the surface to a smoothness of around Ra 0.02 for a truly unsurpassed hole.

Our tools can handle holes starting at φ 2 mm and are used on products in numerous industries, including metal molds for plastic cylinders, food-related nozzles, automotive parts, and various other cylinders and sleeves.

Uniform and Consistent Machining

Using its gun drilling equipment, Dainichi carries out both deep precision machining of microscopic holes as small as φ 0.01 mm as well as cylindrical honing for polishing the inner surface of these holes. All our machining is comprised of specialized drilling processes that carry both advantages and disadvantages.

Balancing these, we provide a framework to deliver the best hole drilling and machining according to our customers' demands - this is the dedication we bring to our craft. We promise to continue perfecting our hole processing techniques in order to meet all your drilling needs.