Our processing technology

In addition to standard NC lathes and machining centers, we also carry specialized equipment such as multi-spindle automatic lathes, gun drills and honing machines.
By skillfully combining the features of this standard and specialized equipment, we can create complicated unique products in-house.Our original production management system helps us closely control production processes and product delivery and provides for efficient and exact processing of parts.



Hole Drilling

Hole Drilling

Quality Control

No matter how high precision the processing, we cannot offer clients a product if its precision cannot be verified and assured.Our testing equipment has been arranged in compliance with Dainichi's specialized processing methods.We believe that guaranteeing the precision of our products is essential in having our clients trust and adopt them.

Measuring device for roundness and cylindricity

This is a measuring device that measures the roundness and bend of a hole to guarantee its cylindricity. It can take products up to around φ100 x 400 mm in size. Assessments are made using a 3D model of the inner surface of the hole. This is an indispensable device for guaranteeing the straightest and cleanest holes to our clients.

Measuring Instrument using Photographic Images

Conducting measurements when processing microscopic parts and holes is extremely difficult. For dimensions that cannot be measured with contact-type devices, this image measuring instrument has you covered. It measures not only diameter, width and length, but also can determine pitch and a variety of geometrical tolerances. The image can be enlarged up to 400 times so that precise measurements of mass produced items are also possible when creating a measurement program.

3D measurement

This measuring device is indispensable for modern-day precision part processing. The 3D measurement equipment we have introduced at Dainichi is small but offers the latest in measurement precision. The probe's smallest diameter is φ 0.3 mm, allowing us to measure holes we have processed as well as various geometrical tolerances starting with thin shafts.