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Our Micromachining

To take an example from everyday life, Dainichi's machining involves cutting objects as small as a single sesame seed. We bore minute holes or grooves in objects this size to achieve a form whose complexity and precision is equal to that of products as big as our hand. Among the wide range of materials we process, we are especially experienced with stainless steel and titanium.

Starting with parts used in medical devices and equipment for manufacturing semiconductors, we address the microfabrication needs of numerous industries.

Dainichi has introduced multiple Citizen Machinery automatic lathes and today accepts machining orders for a diverse array of parts with outer diameters of φ 0.2 mm to φ 32 mm. Our processing machines also have a front and back chuck as well as a mechanism that allows for in-machine reclamping, making it possible to complete even the most complexly formed parts using this processing equipment alone.

Dainichi's Micromachining
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Our Processing Technology

Precision Machining Starting from Outer Diameters of φ 0.2 mm

A single hair is said to be between φ 0.08 mm and φ 0.12 mm thick. For reference, Dainichi can drill holes with an outer diameter of φ 0.2 mm. Employing a method distinct to automated lathes that involves cutting a material as it is extruded, we are able to fabricate long, thin objects using either a centerless grinder or cold-drawn round bar that can be set in a processing machine.

As we grip and process materials with a length and diameter greater than the finished product itself, it is possible to carry out complex machining on objects the size of a sesame seed before beginning cutting.

In this world of micro processed goods, we accept orders starting from a single piece. Our engineers possess the spirit to create ultra-complicated products with both speed and precision; and as our machinery was originally designed for mass production, we can easily switch from producing individual trial products to mass-produced parts.

Our Role in Medical Equipment

Dainichi works with a variety of medical equipment, including but not limited to catheter parts for insertion into blood vessels, tips for endoscopes used in laparoscopy, and ultra-micro cannula for cataract surgery. All these minute items require the creation of microscopic holes and, as this demands strict dimensions and geometrical tolerances be met, controlling for tolerances on the micron level is essential.

The products we make are used on the human body, which means surface roughness must be minimalized and all burrs completely eliminated. Our engineers work tirelessly to meet each of our clients’ needs and make sure they are satisfied. We may not be directly involved in the patients’ lives, but we take heart in the fact that products imbued with our spirit are used in such a wide range of applications.

Combining Hole-drilling and Compound Machining

The Citizen Machinery processing equipment Dainichi uses for microfabricating parts is truly exceptional and precise. The engineers who operate these machines are also masters of their craft. It is true, some tasks are impossible.At Dainichi, we possess the competent machinery for supporting the impossible.

This includes both microscopic and deep hole-drilling equipment, cutting-edge multi-axis machining centers and NC lathes. Pairing these machines with our experienced engineers allows us to use optimal processes to deliver our customers with composite high-precision parts.